MUNICH / BERLIN, 11/1/2018 – COMODULE and Fazua teamed up anddeveloped an app for all users of eBikes with the Fazua evation drive system.OEM customers can furthermore benefit from their own app and cloud accessfor their Fazua-equipped bikes.
Nowadays, most sport-orientated bike riders want to track their data. By usingthe FAZUA app which is compatible with all eBikes equipped with the Fazuaevation drive system, you can get access to A LOT more data from now on.Data that will help you learn more about your training and your bike.

App on Phone

The app includes the following features:

  • GPS navigation and tracking
  • Speedometer
  • Technical overview, state of battery
  • Support, direct access to Fazua Service
  • Interact, share your rides with friends
  • Summary, analyze the collected data after your ride in detail

App in Action1

“The idea behind the Fazua app was to display all data the Fazua evation drivesystem is measuring of the rider. By doing so the app allows completetransparency about data of the rider and the system at the same time combinedwith accurate GPS tracking which allows riders to analyze their training asprecisely as possible.”, explains Fazua Head Developer Pablo Diez.

Fazua OEM Platform

Besides that the free Fazua app for Android and iOS Fazua, offers theircustomers a tailored connectivity solution. The Fazua OEM Platform includesOEM Cloud, a statistics center including a direct communication channel to theend-user and OEM app, the branded digital companion to their bikes.“By adding the digital layer to the advanced evation system, Fazua underlinesits uniqueness in the eBike industry. Giving their OEM customers the possibilityto communicate directly with their bike riders will be a key feature for futurebusiness models.”, COMODULE Co-Founder Teet Praks adds.All bikes equipped with a model year 2019 remote are already compatible withthe app. Serials are starting from 1805113000. If the bike is not compatible yet,please head to a local Fazua Service Partner and ask for the dedicatedupgrade program.Stay tuned for the pro version coming in early 2019 providing even morefeatures.


About Fazua

The young company from Germany is about to radically change eBiking. Withtheir evation drive system, Fazua is already equipping numerous sportiveeBikes which are uniquely elegant, lightweight and have an incomparablenatural riding feeling.

About Comodule

Empowering the light electric vehicle (LEV) revolution with smart technologyhas been the goal of COMODULE since “day one”. In its fifth year ofoperations, the ISO certified tech company has become the global leader forbicycle and scooter connectivity solutions. By providing tailored internet ofthings (IoT) technology, the company offers platform solutions for suppliers,bike manufacturers, fleet managers and sharing operators. The team of 5original founders has grown to 30 employees located in the R&D center inTallinn, Estonia and the business development office in Berlin, Germany.

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