Remote fX

evation Module

The Remote fX is fully integrated into the frame and is literally part of the bike. This gives eBikes equipped with Fazua drive systems an even more elegant and natural look.

Riders can intuitively switch between different assistance levels using the responsive touch interface, which transmits commands to the motor without any noticeable delay. The battery charge and system status are easily determined by a quick glance at the five LEDs next to the touch button to prevent the risk of distraction. An intelligent light sensor also adapts the LED brightness to external conditions.

Assistance levels: 3
Integrated: Bluetooth
Intuitive control: responsive touch interface

Choose the assistance you need and switch between sun and rain mode

≡ No assistance
Rely on your own manual power
(0 W support)

≡ BreezeMode
Feel the tailwind and extend your battery runtime.
(Support can vary)

≡ RiverMode
Add some solid power and sail the trail.
(Support can vary)

≡ RocketMode
Rock on!
(Support can vary)