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FAZUA Rider App

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What is FAZUA Rider App?

We from FAZUA have teamed up with the app developers of Comodule to design an app which fits to the needs of anyone using an evation drive system equipped eBike - completely free of charge. Riders can now access the full range of sensor- and system-generated data, as well as easily build and customize their own dashboards. Based on this concept, the app provides complete transparency over all relevant information. By combining this with high-precision GPS tracking, riders have the ability to accurately analyze their own trip-performance, keep track of their training progress and learn more about their bikes.

The app includes the following features:

  • GPS navigation, tracking and trip information
  • Motor power, remaining battery capacity, distance to empty, etc.
  • Speedometer, cadence, rider power, rider torque, etc.
  • Technical overview and battery charge information
  • Support functions, incl. direct access to FAZUA Service
  • Ability to share rides with friends
  • Summaries and analysis of the data post-ride

Important! With the FAZUA Rider App you can now upgrade the evation Connectivity Software to the newest version for BLE support. Learn more in this article.


How do I connect to my FAZUA eBike?

Download, install and open the app. Then either register as new user or login with an existing account.

  • Turn on Bluetooth® in the phone settings.
  • Turn on your evation drive system fitted eBike.
  • In the Fazua Rider app either tap on „tap to pair vehicle“ in the start screen or go to the menu in the upper left corner, tap on „Vehicle“ and click on „tap to pair vehicle“ there. A connection to your bike only needs to be established once using the FAZUA Rider app.

All bikes equipped with a model year 2019 Bluetooth® ready remote are already compatible with the app. This applies to all remotes with a serial number of 1805113000 or higher. If your bike is not yet compatible, please visit your local FAZUA service partner and ask about our special Remote Exchange Program.

I can’t connect to my FAZUA eBike. What should I do?
  • Make sure Bluetooth® is enabled on your phone and you are using a compatible remote (see above).
  • Make sure your bike is not connected to another phone

If your bike has been connected to many phones, it may need to be removed from known devices in Bluetooth® settings on your phone and/or under "Vehicles" in the app menu. Restart the process to establish a connection.