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In order to get the best possible support from our engine, your pedaling frequency should be between 65 and 85 crank revolutions / minute.

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Our drive system has a two-sided torque measurement: The more power you bring to the crank, the more support you get back.

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At over 25 km/h, the freewheel decouples the engine from the transmission and you can reach peak speeds on your own, without having to pedal against the engine.

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Our software is programmed in a way that the engine supports you very gently when starting up. Just as gently, the engine shuts off at 25 km/h again.

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Your dealer can set the strength of the three possible levels of support to suit your individual needs.

Icon Batterie


We deliberately kept our battery small and light: for a particularly long tour you can simply pack a spare battery.

  • After 8h, the battery automatically goes into a 'deep sleep mode' and must be restarted manually.
  • The battery can NOT be turned on or off via the remote.
  • With about 15-20% remaining capacity, the support performance is deliberately reduced so that you don't get stopped abruptly.

Icon Flexibel


With just one click you can take the drive unit out of your eBike and replace it with the Downtube Cover : This way you can use your eBike as a normal bike without support.

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In case your Fazua drive system does not work as desired, we have collected common solutions to solve the problem on your own:

If you still do not know what to do, you can either contact our Fazua Service Team or your nearest Fazua Servicepartner.

How to use the drive system

We want to make sure that you have access to the best possible instructions for using the Fazua drive system. That's why we've created a brief instructional video for you: Our video gives you all of the tricks and tips you'll need to get your evation 1.0 drive system up and running!