Made for your favorite terrain.

The new FAZUA RIDE 50 Trail / Street – more energetic, more natural.
We are constantly working on improving our products and drive systems. Our new RIDE 50 offers 10% more power, increased motor efficiency and is 6% lighter compared to the established RIDE 50 Evation. A new freewheel with 67% more teeth noticeably increases the engagement time.

System Components

The FAZUA RIDE 50 is completely integrated into the frame. While the Drivepack is removable, the Bottom Bracket is built into the bike.

Battery Drivepack Bottom Bracket
Energy 250X Drivepack Bottom Bracket


The Drivepack includes the motor and houses the FAZUA Energy 250X.

  • 300/350W* Maximum Power
    * short-term in Boost function
  • 58 Nm Torque
  • 1.8 kg Weight
Drivepack Trail

High speed riding on smooth asphalt - the FAZUA RIDE 50 Street is at home on the road. The cooling utilizes the passing airflow at high speeds.

Drivepack Trail

Rough terrain in the middle of nature - the FAZUA RIDE 50 Trail is made for riding beyond roads. The cooling by radiant heat is ideally suited for uphill riding in rough terrain.


Even better cooling

The cooling of the Drivepack is essential for the performance of the motor and battery. When optimizing the radiator designs, the different riding situations on trails, gravel and roads were considered and the cooling perfectly adapted to the respective conditions.


Energy 250X

Energy 250X
  • 252 Wh Battery Capacity
  • 36 V Power
  • 1.4 kg Weight

Lightweight, optimal efficiency and a clean design. The FAZUA Energy 250X weighs about as much as a bottle of water and can be easily switched on and off via the remote without having to remove the battery. The Battery Management System (BMS) was specially developed by FAZUA to protect the battery from overcharging, overheating, undervoltage or short circuits.


Even better riding feel

Riding a FAZUA bike should feel as natural as possible. As part of the evolution of the established FAZUA RIDE 50 Evation, we have fine-tuned the transmission of the motor to the FAZUA Bottom Bracket to make the riding feel even more natural.


FAZUA Bottom Bracket

  • 1.2 kg Weight
Bottom Bracket

The Bottom Bracket is a frame-integrated angular gearbox and includes sensors for dual-sided torque and cadence measurement.

  • Faster and softer engagement of the drive system
  • Optimized noise development during pedaling
  • More natural riding feel when coasting thanks to closer gearing

Riding Modes

Choose from three preset riding modes to adjust the support and give your ride that extra energy.

NEW Boost function. This briefly increases to 350 Watts, no matter which ride mode the rider uses.


Gentle and constant 100 Watt-strong tailwind even with low pedaling power and cadence.

100 Watt*


Progressive and very athletic mode. The strength of the support precisely follows your own power input. The more you give, the more support you get.

max. 210 Watt*


Powerful assistance that helps you tackle the steepest and most difficult sections.

max. 250 Watt*

*Default Settings

App and Connectivity

Get the most out of your FAZUA Bike and yourself. Use the FAZUA App to personalize the riding modes, create your own riding profiles or download preset riding profiles.

Customize your ride
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The FAZUA RIDE 50 drive system is compatible with all FAZUA Remotes.

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Remote bX

Handlebar control

Remote fX

Handlebar control

Remote rX

Dropbar control