Garmin Dashboard

FAZUA Dashboard for Garmin Devices

Everything you need to know – at a glance: The new FAZUA Dashboard allows you to connect your FAZUA Energy Bike to your Garmin computer. So you always have an overview of all the important motor, battery and rider values while touring or training.

The following values are displayed:

  • Speed (km/h)
  • Battery charge level
  • Cadence (rpm / rounds per minute)
  • Motor power (coloured bar)
  • Rider performance (in watts)
  • Light icon (when a light integrated by the 12 V Connector Box is activated)
  • Time
  • Support mode (motor power colour corresponds to Breeze, River and Rocket)
  • Temperature warning (motor regulation to prevent overheating)

The FAZUA Dashboard is currently compatible with the following Garmin devices*:

  • Garmin Edge 530
  • Garmin Edge 830 (not compatible with FW 9.10)
  • Garmin Edge 1030
  • Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
  • Garmin Edge 1040

*We are working hard to extend the list of compatible devices.

The FAZUA Dashboard can now be downloaded free of charge from the Connect IQ Store


Download Instructions:

  1. Prepare your FAZUA e-bike. You need the latest Bluetooth firmware / connectivity software (at least version 2.1) to begin with. You can get it by pressing the Update button in the FAZUA Rider app. Instructions on how to update your e-bike can be found here: Update Connectivity.
  2. The successful update is absolutely essential for the FAZUA Dashboard to receive and display the values from your system correctly.
  3. Download the FAZUA Dashboard from the Garmin cIQ Store and sync your compatible Garmin device. The Dashboard is now on your Garmin device.
  4. The Dashboard can now be selected for a corresponding activity. For more details, please refer to the manufacturer’s (Garmin’s) instructions to ensure correct installation, synchronisation and activation of cIQ DataFields
  5. When the FAZUA Dashboard is in use, your device will automatically connect to the next available FAZUA e-bike over Bluetooth.
  6. For the FAZUA Dashboard to connect to the bike, the bike must not be known to the Garmin device as a ‘sensor’ (CPS/CSCS) (delete any existing connections to the Garmin device).

Important: You can only connect your FAZUA e-bike to one device at a time – either your Garmin device or the FAZUA Rider app

How to install and activate the FAZUA Dashboard on your Garmin!

PDF Download Instruction