The Ride 50 Connectivity Firmware 2.4 gives you the freedom to decide on which device you want to display the values of your FAZUA Bike while riding - on your smartphone with the Rider App, on a navigation device, the FAZUA Dashboard for Garmin devices or BLE-enabled bike computers or wearables of various brands.

Overview of all connectivity options for your FAZUA Bike

With the FAZUA App you can easily - or in a very detailed manner - adjust the support mode settings and thus the riding behavior of your FAZUA Bike to your needs, download new riding profiles in the Profile Store and check your system - whenever and wherever you want. With the FAZUA App you always have your mobile wrench for your FAZUA Bike with you. Exciting? You can find more info here.

With the FAZUA Dashboard for Garmin Edge bike computer, we provide a fully comprehensive e-bike display. On a specific data screen, you can view the most important values of your FAZUA Bike on your Garmin, which you can easily add to your usual activity profile. Curious how our Dashboard looks like on the Garmin and how you can activate it? Then have a look here.

The open Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) interface gives you the ability to display rider power, cadence or speed as separate sensors on your bike computer, smartwatch or smart fitness tracker - and with numerous BLE compatible devices of many manufacturers! More info and a selection of compatible devices can be found here.

You like to have your smartphone on the handlebar? With the FAZUA Rider App you get the full overview of many values of your FAZUA Bike and beside that you have GPS navigation and tracking. Sounds good? Then this way.