Bad Weather Check

5 tips for preparing your FAZUA Energy Bike for winter

Autumn has begun, the days are getting shorter. In spite of the cold, salt and ice, we are still cycling! The following five tips will show you how to get your FAZUA Ride System safely through the winter months.

Tip 1

Remove water from Drivepack!

Always make sure that there is no moisture between the Drivepack and the battery.

Tip 1 picture

Tip 2

Cleaning the radiator!

Do not forget to clean the drainage hole when brushing out the radiator.

Tip 2 picture

Tip 3

Never ride without a cover!

If you want to ride without support, replace the Drivepack and battery by our Downtube Cover.

Tip 3 picture

Tip 4

Clean the connectors between Drivepack and Bottom Bracket!

With a fine cloth you can remove dust and dirt.

Picture Tip 4

Tip 5

Software update

Don't forget to screw the USB cap back onto the opening after the update.

Tip 5 picture

Additionally to that, it is also best to remove the Drivepack and the battery from the bike when you clean your bike.

If you do not plan to ride your bike for a long time, store the battery and drive pack at room temperature and a state of charge between 30% and 60%.