Hi, we are FAZUA

We love riding bikes. So much in fact, that we want more of it. Our passion to ride and our desire to ride more is why we founded FAZUA in 2013. A lot has changed since then, but our dedication to better rides has only grown.

FAZUA is a young brand that has grown out of a university project. Founder Johannes Biechele (an avid mountain biker himself) envisioned a minimalist, aesthetic drive system, lightweight and delivering an exceptional natural ride – a vision no one in the industry believed possible. But Hannes is not just an ambitious engineer, he’s a Bavarian – and thus born with stubborn perseverance. The more doubts he heard the more committed he was.

Those who shared his vision were his family and friends, first and foremost childhood buddy Fabian Reuter who gave up his job as a controller to become FAZUA Co-CEO. FAZUA was founded in 2013. In 2015 the small start-up overran the cycling industry with its brand-new concept and thus paved the way for lightweight e-bikes:

The compact FAZUA Drive System unites motor and battery, is super lightweight, slender, and quiet, can be beautifully integrated in the frame and provides an exceptionally smooth ride.

Johannes Biechele, Florian von Wurmb-Seibel and Fabian Reuter (from left to right) are spearheading FAZUA.

Chaos is the only state of stability, the basis for agility, for progressive, forward-driven thinking. But chaos is a state that needs the right kind of people. People with a certain mindset. People who are not looking for homogeneity and order but are inspired and motivated by constant change and plurality.” – Johannes Biechele

The DNA of FAZUA is the drive to shape and form. We want to help build a new cycling culture with outstanding products and thus push the transformation in mobility. That is why we challenge the status quo and believe in making the impossible possible.

The backbone of FAZUA is a team of more than 100 members – international and diverse, passionate and progressive. As well as the team of partners and riders, our ever-growing community.

The strategy of FAZUA is to not follow a plan but a vision. A vision accumulating from all the visions of the FAZUA employees. A plan is bound to fail – things hardly ever go according to plan. Especially not in our dynamic times. You follow a strategy. You fulfill a vision.

The power of FAZUA comes from the brand’s agility and flexibility. We can handle surprises and we like being the surprise. Thus, we need to question ourselves each and every day anew and strive for new perspectives.

The goal of FAZUA is to stay open and unbiased, ambitious and honest, dedicated and persistent – in life, in our job and on the bike.