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We are here for Better Rides.
Get-togethers with friends are priceless. We love the events with our community. Come along and experience our bikes, meet other riders, and have a good time.

Get to know us 1

Get to know us

FAZUA is more than just a brand. We are a team of enthusiastic riders who look forward to meeting you.

Experience our bikes 2

Experience our bikes

We all know: Pictures say more than a 1,000 words. But it’s even better to experience the bikes for yourself.

Give us feedback 3

Give us feedback

We are always striving to improve and create an even better ride for you. Let us know what we can do.

This year’s events

  • Cyclingworld Europe

    Germany, Düsseldorf


    To the event Events - Cyclingworld Düsseldorf
  • Sea Otter Classic

    United States of America, Monterey


    To the event Events - Sea Otter Classic
  • E BIKE DAYS München

    Germany, München


    To the event Events - E-Bike Days München
  • Riva Bike Festival

    Italy, Riva del Garda


    To the event Events - Riva Bike Festival
  • BIKE Festival Willingen

    Germany, Willingen


    To the event Events - Bike Festival Willingen
  • Eurobike

    Germany, Frankfurt am Main


    To the event Events - Eurobike
  • Malverns Classic

    United Kingdom, Ledbury


    To the event Events - Malverns Classic
  • Italian Bike Festival

    Italy, Misano


    To the event Events - Italian Bike Festival
  • Mountainbike Testival Brixen

    Italy, Brixen


    To the event Events - Mountainbike Testival Brixen
  • Sea Otter Europe

    Spain, Girona


    To the event Events - Sea Otter Europe
  • Roc d‘Azur

    France, Fréjus


    To the event Event - Roc d'Azur


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No event near you? Ride the bikes at your local dealer.

You can find us and our bikes not only at events, but also at our many partners. We are in constant contact with them to ensure that our specialist dealers are well trained and always up-to-date. So you can expect first-class customer service.

Find your dealer

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