Update your Bike. Upgrade your Experience.

We took a little ride and upgraded our firmware to the latest version. Get our current update now and enjoy ultimate smooth riding pleasure with FAZUA.

FAZUA RIDE 60 Firmware 009


  • Energy Management
    Improved energy consumption in standby mode
  • Hub Gear System
    Smoother shifting experience through drive system assistance

Firmware Update

The FAZUA RIDE 60 Firmware is largely responsible for the riding behavior and the functionality of your e-bike. So make sure to keep your RIDE 60 drive system up to date.

Update Process

To perform the Update, you need the e-bike with the battery inserted and a suitable USB cable. The e-bike has a USB-C port.

The Update can be performed local or online. We recommend the online Update because you are automatically provided with the latest Firmware! Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

  1. Connect the e-bike to your computer via the USB cable. The USB port on your bike can be found in the Control Hub or the LED Hub
  2. Download the current FAZUA Toolbox Software and start it with a double click
  3. Call up the "FIRMWARE UPDATE" menu and click on "RIDE 60 BUNDLE UPDATE"
  4. You can now choose between the online Update and a local Update
  5. Select "Online", the latest Firmware Bundle will be downloaded automatically. Internet connection required!
  6. Components for which there is a newer version are automatically selected for the Update
  7. Click on "Start": all selected components will now be updated
  8. Wait until all Updates have been installed completely and do not remove the USB cable or battery under any circumstances!
  9. After all Updates have been successfully installed, you can remove the USB cable
  10. Carefully close the USB port on your e-bike to prevent water and dirt from entering!

Change History

Each new Firmware bundle includes new features as well as bug fixes. The most important Firmware versions and changes for riders are listed here.

    • Bugfixes
    • Major improvements to the motor’s response behaviour
    • Improved Walk Assist
    • Refined Boost function
    • ANT+ LEV integration
    • Updated LED animation (find out more)
    • New Bootloader
    • Improve State Machine of the Motor
    • Bugfix Boost Function
    • Improvements in energy management
    • Bug fixes
    • Bug fixes
    • First official Firmware Bundle