Ride 50 Firmware

Important! You need the Toolbox Software to update the Ride 50 Evation Firmware.

All Ride 50 Evation Firmware updates require our Toolbox Software. To ensure that your E-Bike remains fully compatible with the software, please download the latest version of the Toolbox Software.

The optimal interplay between your own performance and the support provided by the Ride 50 Evation drive system is the key to sophisticated riding behavior. This is exactly where we started with Ride 50 Evation Firmware 2.0. Biomechanical analysis and countless lines of code have led to improvements in many areas.

Cadence Range

We have significantly improved the cadence range: This gives you noticeably more motor support even with higher cadence. No matter if you ride with 60 rpm on a steep uphill on a mountain bike or with 100 rpm on a road bike, you will always get even assistance.

Torque max: 55 Nm

Power max: 300 watts (mechanical) / 450 watts (electrical); basic setting: max. 250 watts (mechanical)

Cadence spectrum (opt. efficiency / power): 55-125 crank turns per minute

evation Motor software 2.0 Cadence Range 2

Motor Start Response and Ramp-Up

Step on the pedal and the motor starts! Direct reaction and a sensitive start. Depending on the mode, you get a gentle boost or a powerful starting aid to get up to speed faster and easier.

Breeze: mellow and gentle acceleration
River: stronger but still natural acceleration
Rocket: strong and noticeable acceleration

evation Motor Software 2.0 Start Response

Support Mode Characteristics

The Support Relation, the relationship between rider power and motorized assistance, is now even more differentiated between the three support modes, meaning that you have the perfect mode for a wide range of terrain and riding situations.

Breeze: Gentle, constant and 100 watts* strong tailwind even at low rider power.
River: Progressive and very sporty mode, for a smooth riding experience! The strength of the support precisely follows your foot and your own power. Give a lot - and get a lot from the motor (max. 210 watts*)
Rocket: Aggressive assistance that helps you to tackle the steepest sections even with moderate driver power (max. 250 watts*)

*default settings

evation Motor Software 2.0 Support Relation


The Ride 50 Evation Firmware 2.0 stands for improved driving behavior with more constant engine performance and increased efficiency. The range of your battery depends on many factors and cannot be defined in general values. The parameters of your own riding behavior, tire selection, external environmental influences, weight, speed and selected support mode all have an impact on the range.

Here is an example of the River mode:

  • quick road bike circuit with 1400 vertical meters / 75 km
  • varied mountain bike tour with 600 vertical meters / 50 km

In Breeze mode you could extend your road bike lap to 120 km. In Rocket mode you could, for example, cover up to 850 vertical meters or a bike lap of up to 30 km.

The update will be available on fazua.com from April 16, 2020 and is backwards compatible with all Ride 50 Evation systems.