FAZUA RIDE 50 EVATION Firmware 2.12

Note: All firmware versions are restricted to the installed FAZUA RIDE 50 drive system! Usage with the wrong system may lead to increased battery consumption and negative riding performance.

Important: To update your FAZUA RIDE 50 firmware please install the Toolbox software. To ensure full compatibility between your e-bike and the software, always download the latest version of the Toolbox software.

Toolbox Software 2.14

WINDOWS x-msdos-program - 52.76 MB
LINUX x-tar - 32.82 MB
MAC zip - 40.28 MB

System Requirements

  • WINDOWS: Windows-x86_64
  • LINUX: Linux-x86_64
  • MAC: MAC OS Sierra 10.12 or later

Changelog - FAZUA RIDE 50 TRAIL/STREET Firmware 2.22


Firmware Update

The FAZUA RIDE 50 Firmware is largely responsible for the support behavior and the functionality of your e-bike. So make sure to keep your RIDE 50 drive system up to date.

Update Process

To carry out the Firmware update, connect your Drivepack to the FAZUA Toolbox Software. You don't need the whole e-bike for this.

  • Take the Drivepack out of the e-bike, switch on the battery and slide it into the Drivepack.
  • Remove the USB cap: For RIDE 50 EVATION, use a T10 Torx screwdriver. Carefully lift off the USB cap using a soft plastic lever. For RIDE 50 TRAIL/STREET, the USB cap can simply be lifted with your finger.
  • Download the current Toolbox Software and start it with a double click.
  • Connect the Drivepack to your computer using a mini USB cable and lay it on a flat surface.
  • Toolbox Software: Call up the "FIRMWARE UPDATE" menu and click on "UPDATE NOW".
  • Select "Online" and click on "START": the latest firmware will now be downloaded and the update starts. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • If you want to manually install a firmware that you have already loaded on your computer, please select “MANUAL” and open the firmware file. Click on "START", the selected firmware will now be installed.
  • Do not move your Drivepack during the update process and hold it lightly, as possible vibrations during calibration can move the Drivepack. Nevertheless, if the motor does not vibrate the calibration could still be carried out successfully.
  • Wait for the update to install and the motor calibration to complete.
  • Insert the Drivepack with the new motor firmware into your e-bike.
  • Flashing LEDs indicates an update of the remote. Do not touch the remote during the update and do not switch off the e-bike.
  • Disconnect the USB cable. Screw the USB cap on the RIDE 50 EVATION carefully with a maximum of 1-1.5Nm. Caution: If the torque is incorrect, the USB cap can be damaged! For RIDE 50 TRAIL/STREET, first hook the nose of the USB cap on top and then press the cap firmly so that it is closed tightly! For RIDE 50 TRAIL/STREET, first put the nose of the USB cap into the top and then press the cap hard so that it is closed tightly!


CAUTION: The Drivepack may not be used without the USB cap! Otherwise the system is no longer waterproof and damage would be unavoidable. In the event of such damage, the warranty will be invalidated!

Change History

Each new firmware bundle includes new features as well as bug fixes. The most important firmware versions and changes for Riders are listed here.


    • Bugfixes
    • Boost function with 58 Nm and 350 W mechanical motor power
    • Improvement of riding behavior, more natural and harmonious support
    • Power derating shown by flashing of the bottom LED
    • Wheel length is settable by dealer (max +/-5% from original)
    • Improvement of calculation of rider power values
    • Improvement of range prediction
    • New LED animations for starting the system and BLE connection/disconnection
    • Optimize Remote LED colors and LED brightness
    • Bugfix Remote B walk assistance
    • Bugfix Remote automatic restart
    • Communication with the new FAZUA App
    • Riding behavior for kids e-bikes
    • Avoid the motor starting when the bike is upside down
    • Integration of 12 V connector box
    • Automatic restart after disconnection due to a lost contact
    • Hacking detection
    • New motor control
    • More torque
    • Constant power output
    • Better efficiency
    • Extension of the cadence spectrum up to 125 rpm
    • Improved response time
    • Completely revised riding behavior and support characteristics
    • Customizer for Rider
    • First generation firmware