Does a bike make the world

a better place?

Definitely! The benefits: environmental and financial, health and time – well, what can we say? We all know that the bike is by far the best mode of transport in cities. The proof: on a bike you experience the city in all its facets …

What does the city mean to you?

Is it the place where you try to get from A to B as fast as possible? Let’s not hope so. The city is our habitat. The place to meet and exchange, a place of interaction and exploration – pulsating and inspiring.

Of course, the way we perceive our hometowns depends on the way we experience it

Many dive underground in the morning, rush through tunnels to their workplace – and 8 hours later press repeat the way retour. Many are shielded in their cars, eyes on the car in front, the car on the left, cursing the traffic. And others ride their bikes – with all senses set on ‘receive’.

We ride through the changing seasons, we feel the wind, we catch the aroma of coffee and croissants. We see a new shop opening, we stop to grab fresh fruit, we wave to Yurdi who’s arranging the chairs of her café, oh, but we better make a detour to avoid that annoying neighbour over there …

The FAZUA Team loves to spend time on the bike

A lot of us commute to work, even if it’s quite a distance. Electrical support makes sense. So much sense! When we want to save time, when the weather is awful. Yet, most of all because it’s so much fun, it makes us ride more often, it makes us ride longer distances – and we experience our cities in a much more intense and intimate way.

FAZUA Urban Story - team

But what makes the best urban e-bike?

We do not need massive monsters on our cycling lanes and neither do we need heavy bikes. We need slim and light bicycles which we can easily carry up and down the stairs. We need save, reliable and easy-to-handle bicycles that ride smoothly, agile, and noiseless.

Our lightweight and compact drive systems are designed for exactly those urban e-bikes

From the beginning, it’s been our goal to have a fluid spin, a smooth power in every pedal stroke – a strong feeling of natural riding instead of abrupt support.

Plus, our system (hardware as well as software, on and off the bike) is super intuitive as well adaptable to every one’s individual preferences. And what no one believed possible and today is more or less standard: our drive unit is elegantly integrated within the frame.

Good-looking, smooth riding fun – or like we say: Better Rides.


More powerful than ever – and yet super compact. Lightweight and quiet. Delivering the smoothest pedal stroke.

  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Allows an individual, aesthetic integration
  • Smooth, natural assistance
  • Incredibly intuitive handling
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FAZUA Urban Story - RIDE 60 Teaser

Urban Bikes empowered by FAZUA RIDE 60

More powerful than ever – and yet super compact. Lightweight and quiet. Delivering the smoothest pedal stroke.

Velo de Ville
21.0 kg

Aluminium Frame, Shimano

Roadlite:ON 8 LTD
15.6 kg

Aluminium Frame, Shimano XT

Commuter:ON 8 LTD WMN
17.5 kg

Aluminium Frame, Shimano XT

Riese & Müller
UBN Seven
19.5 kg
FAZUA Bikes PDP R&M UBN Seven - Main Image

Aluminium Frame, Shimano Deore

Riese & Müller
UBN Five
19.5 kg

Aluminium Frame, Shimano Deore